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If you need to contact us, we suggest that you make contact in writing transmitted by facsimile, overnight delivery service such as Federal Express, by regular United States Mail, or hand delivery.

Our address is:

Attorneys at Law
1000 West Second Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Telephone (501) 375-1517
Facsimile (501) 375-0231


We strongly discourage the transmission of communications by email unless and until an attorney-client communication has been established and certain safeguards and suggested procedures are reviewed and implemented. While email has become a routine method of communication, and generally is secure, there still remain risks arising out of email communications with a law office which if not properly addressed can result in waivers of the attorney-client and/or work-product privileges. If, however, we have an established relationship with you, or if you are not transmitting confidential material and you are willing to accept the risk of interception of your message, we welcome your email messages sent to the following addresses:

Gregory M. Hopkins:

Ryan J. Caststeel:

Main email or other communications:

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